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Ancient Ways Ancient Evils DELAYED !!!

2007-08-02 07:41:00 by ScarletEbon

Regretfully I'll have to announce a delay in the launch of the Ancient Ways Ancient Evils movie.
My apologies goes to the ones of you eager to see the movie but it can't be helped.

New date for release will be announced later on.

For more info on the movie developements please check my gallery on DeviantART.

Ancient Ways Ancient Evils DELAYED !!!


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2007-09-15 17:41:40

Well I think I´ll just have to wait then... I want to say hurry up but I´ll just say take your time to make it good...

ScarletEbon responds:

Oh, you're on NG too?? o_o

Thanks for the vote of trust. ^_^
I thought no one would bother commenting on my journal.


2007-09-21 15:11:47

I'm really looking forward to it but don't rush it! Much better to delay something to get it perfect rather than rushing it so people don't have to wait. They'll only moan it's not perfect instead :P. Good luck with the continuing devlopment :).


2007-10-31 19:11:15

hello,you may or may not recognize me.It's Perfect Nazo here.anyways, I just needed to tell you this:YOU DONT NEED PERFECT VOICE ACTORS! instead, merge the actor's lines with those of the game characters,and behold!perfect,undulating voices! :) oh,and try to make the 1st chapter S--------T-------R------E-------C----
out as long as possible,because it was rushed.Don't believe me, ask Janus.
Oh,and you have my full support.(just kick the effects up a notch)
sorry if I sound like an ass, I just want to have this be the perfect flash representation of the perfect fanfiction.
If the file is too big,just ask wade-if it's good enough,he'll let it in!


2007-11-28 15:05:21

Cant wait for it, looks great so far and the trailers rule


2008-05-17 13:10:49

trailers and trailers


2008-10-05 15:22:05

The fanfiction was awesome. Can't wait for the movie.


2008-12-16 21:29:08

Hey Scarlet. It's me Trueblue. Listen, I have a question. How do you edit music in your flash animations to make it fade out or to make certain parts of the song to play at the time you want. Like say you have a heavy metal song for a battle but you want a middle part to be the main song for the battle. How do you cut it to make it that way. Like you made it fade out at the end of your trailer... I figured I ask you because your the only person I know who has the most experience with Flash Animating. Also..replay buttons? ^^; Sorry for asking so many questions


2009-01-02 22:10:56

i am impresed by the preview and i am waiting to see the results of the full movie
best idea on newgrounds in a long time


2009-08-03 20:55:23

noooo x.x


2009-08-13 05:47:49

!!!!!!cant wait for it to be released


2009-12-05 21:11:08

this was posted more than 2 years ago and it is still not out what a waste of advertising